Samsung Illusion fully flashed to Verizon prepaid. I thought I would be the first to show it can be done. Check me out on the web at …

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  1. m!ssdona2 says:

    I hate to admit but Im a beginner just trying to catch up. I don’t have a
    computer only cellphone. Prepaid.Been tired of getting ripped off. Need a

  2. roclikewhat says:

    $50 a month for the service and $65 for me to flash it

  3. roclikewhat says:

    This Illusion is on the $50 unlimited plan and it has to be flashed to get
    it on that plan.

  4. Jessica N says:

    To be clear- you can flash this phone to Verizon prepaid and the 50 dollar
    a month card will include unlimited web/data? I ask because my
    understanding is that the 50 a month unlimited plan excludes smartphones.

  5. Bryan Uriel says:

    How does the verizon prepaid works?is it unlimited?

  6. Cito Skillz says:

    Hi my name is Luis can u flash any phone or it has to be a Verizon phone

  7. 59fiftycap says:

    This phone is on Verizon 80$ prepaid plan. Too expensive. I already have
    Verizon prepaid basic phone. I would like to get 50$ plan on this phone

  8. Chris Loomis says:

    What does $80 per month get you that my samsung galaxy proclaim from
    straight talk straight to verizon (not through straight talk anymore) gets
    for $70.

  9. buffalorob1 says:

    OK i have a Verizon Samsung Illusion and would like it flashed to Straight
    Talk. Can it be done?

  10. Jcasey001 says:

    On this prepaid version for 60 dollars do i get the portable hotspot

  11. roclikewhat says:

    Yes it’s truly unlimited but better than Boost

  12. Sean Christopher says:

    Can you play attached video files from your email? If you can is there a
    files size limit?

  13. roclikewhat says:

    Yes I can flash it to the $50 unlimited plan give me a call (239)218-8195

  14. roclikewhat says:

    That would not be a problem to flash your phone give me a call (239)218-8195

  15. Theresa Gant says:

    uhm, i only asked because you were informational in your video..

  16. roclikewhat says:

    I don’t have any in stock at the moment, but I can order some. The price
    would be $125 used and $200 new already flashed.

  17. Chris Loomis says:

    I’ve heard of the Straight Talk $45 per month plan, but what is this $50
    per month plan on Verizon. The only ones listed on the site for smartphones
    are $60 500MB (ripoff) and $70 2GB(Still a ripoff) but on verizons network.

  18. roclikewhat says:

    Verizon prepaid is a much better service than boost mobile. I’ll be happy
    to flash your phone to Verizon prepaid :)

  19. Cenyetta Kulyeshie says:


  20. oscar velasco says:

    For sale?

  21. roclikewhat says:

    Yes it really is unlimited

  22. roclikewhat says:

    I would not advise that, Verizon prepaid $50 pa would be much better choice.

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