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  1. david018ish says:

    @tarik2277 no cause non-jailbroken iPhones,iPods,iPads don’t have cydia

  2. Sanzid Shamim says:

    It actually worked thanks man

  3. Akai61 (:3 ??wa) says:

    Source pls?

  4. ihackiphones12 says:

    Yes! This video will show you how to get Siri on your jailbroken device
    running iOS 5.0.1. If you have iOS 5.1.1 installed, look on my channel for
    instructions on installing Spite!

  5. ihackiphones12 says:

    I am going to make a separate video for iPad installation since it actually
    requires different packages to be installed. Please subscribe for updates
    to when it will be coming out!

  6. Andy Putra says:

    it works for iPhone 3gs ?

  7. ihackiphones12 says:

    Please be more specific. Are you referring to setting up Siri in the
    settings, using Siri, or something else?

  8. PedoBear says:

    offcourse It is not on the appstore dumbass it needs a jailbroken device

  9. Alône Badshah says:

    not working for me :(((

  10. sameer fulari says:

    should i install any other tweaks from cydia to make it work properly??

  11. ihackiphones12 says:

    Do you mean iOS 5.1? If you do, Spire hasn’t been updated for iOS 5.1 so
    it’s not yet compatible. I’ll upload another video if a developer makes an
    alternative program. Subscribe to get the latest updates!

  12. Stevenfuller13 says:

    Does not work work on 5.0.1?

  13. ihackiphones12 says:

    When I mention restart, I am referring? to holding your power button for a
    few seconds and swiping the “Slide to power off” slider that appears. Some
    steps in this tutorial involve restarting after installing a Cydia package;
    in this case, just press the “Reboot Device” button in Cydia.

  14. ihackiphones12 says:

    Please send me a message through iMessage to and
    I’ll try to help you out.

  15. ihackiphones12 says:

    Please send me a message through iMessage to and
    I’ll try to help you out.

  16. Danny Anonimo says:

    then why r u here

  17. KnightHeroHHH says:

    I can’t find Siri

  18. ihackiphones12 says:

    Sorry it’s not working for you. Have you tried the troubleshooting steps?
    If you are still having problems after that, send a message to from your iDevice, and I’ll answer you back.

  19. Faiz Safrian says:

    is it really work? why dont u upload a video test?

  20. SoTotallyInflued says:

    Guys! This will not work for IOS. 5.1 or later any more. Updates will no be
    developed any more.

  21. TheDragonox says:

    Same with me I have been searching every where to try and find a proxy why
    is it so hard to do that

  22. ihackiphones12 says:

    When you add the :444 at the end of the URL, it redirects to the Google API
    for Siri, which doesn’t yet have these capabilities. The guys? over at
    Paradox-Productions are still working on this, so please be patient!

  23. Philoopers 14 says:

    How to get cydia?? Pls help me

  24. ANDRESISCOOL005 says:


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