Appearance in court with buddy (defendant) NOrthampton MA. Maintaining rights through screening and security, discussion with the district attorney. Sarcasti…

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  1. Nathaniel Gilley says:


  2. Otto graff says:

    Look into the commerce clause. ?

  3. Nathaniel Gilley says:

    talk talk and sometimes blah blah no point at all…. point out what
    blablablabla bam bam gone heresea …. and your well trained telemarketer
    …….IDIOT………..aduhduh hadndin out contititutions…..and… ur not
    complex ….after all ur es the #2 4 sure…….dadadadaduh?

  4. YTtardsmustdie says:

    use some of that money you save by walking…….BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
    You gotta admit that was funny….

  5. PhillipOrion says:

    If you’ve plead not guilty and scheduled it for a PUBLIC trial. You are in
    dishonor and you’ve lost already. If they offer to arrest ES, “I
    conditionally accept the offer upon proof of claim, one, you can identify
    the accused, two, that I am not here as an accomdation party, and upon
    presentation of a genuine charging instrument so I can resolve this matter

  6. VerifiedNews says:

    @Kblues80 lol nope.

  7. PhillipOrion says:

    If you want your unalienable rights, your private remedy, then you have to
    assert them. You have to tell them who you are, what your jurisdiction is,
    and what you are there for. You have to push your business. I am here as an
    accommodation party and the paramount security interest holder in all the
    property and collateral belonging to the defendant, appearing specially to
    privately inspect any genuine charging accusatory instruments, so I can
    resolve this matter now.

  8. VerifiedNews says:

    LMAO at you! Don’t have a video camera and can’t afford one. You’re the one
    demanding the video! So where’s your offer of consideration to compensate
    me for supplying your demand?

  9. PhillipOrion says:

    I appreciate all people that assert their rights. Especially in a court
    room. Thanks guys.

  10. PhillipOrion says:

    If you get emotional and take it personal, then you do not really know who
    you are in the game, mentally incompetent. If you know you have unalienable
    rights, and you know you are not a citizen, then you know you have all the
    power and so why would you be nervous, upset, emotional. Superman never got
    shook up by a villian. He knew he had the power.

  11. VerifiedNews says:

    We won, who cares if the win is apublic or private one…

  12. VerifiedNews says:

    @TheLipperTube links to section 3 “appointment of registrar” statutes for
    MA now provided.

  13. psyborg303 says:

    man i was searched illegally after i got detained for vandalism and what
    happened is the cop called the building owner who didnt care to press
    charges then the cop told me i was free to go then walked over without my
    consent and started digging through my bag and found “a 1/15 of a gram” of
    narcotics” and my friends pipe and i said “hey you found that with an
    illegal search i know i have rights pertaining to this kind of situation”
    and the fucking pig said “you have no rights”

  14. truthdemon says:

    doing business as JOHN DOE .,..agent for JOHN DOE (US citizenSHIP ) waive
    no rights ..reserve all rights …. they seem to be using statutes as bait
    for their separate US corporate private contracts

  15. VerifiedNews says:

    Where’s that video camera you were going to donate?

  16. PhillipOrion says:

    I appreciate what yall are doing. Thank you.

  17. YTtardsmustdie says:

    So where is ur video of you winning in court????????

  18. VerifiedNews says:

    or put another way: We claim our private rights and hold them to their
    public obligations…So we’re not claiming any statutory rights, but
    claiming that THEY have statutory obligations.

  19. Wizdomtrek says:

    PLEEEEASE. We are SOOOOO passed that at this stage in the game.
    THEORETICALLY the Constitution is the Supreme law, outside of Treaties but
    even still with the elimination of Habeas Corpus LAW IS MEANINGLESS. This
    is about Might-Makes-Right.

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