This video explains how several states are standing up to the Feds and the NWO by declaring their individual state sovereignty. Here are some links where you…

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  1. X340N3 says:

    I think this is a good thing. I would like to see my state step up too.
    Time to write some letters.

  2. zujilin2 says:

    Redeem Yourself. Become Sovereign!! w w w (dot) SovereignFilings (dot) c o m

  3. TimeEnergy Money says:

    The Vatican-Pope-Jesuits-illuminati-NAZIS-CFR run the world. they have all
    the judges, attorneys, doctors, major corporations, etc. all in their back
    pocket. bought & paid for, etc. our country is no longer free -we live in
    tyranny! truth an obscure thing, Oppression & lie is the norm. Were all
    slaves- our masters, the elite, r at least 50 years ahead of us in
    knowledge, technology, info., secrets & r using all of it against us! Go
    here: truthknowledge. com Spread it! Time is running out!

  4. llshamelessll says:

    have you noticed that as big a story as this is no news coverage available.
    it really proves the media is being controlled by the globalists(new world

  5. lostasyou says:

    You know… it really does. I think (in spite of all the other crap going
    down) The media is our biggest hurdle. If they were really “fair and
    balanced” Ron Paul would be president now and America would still be
    working. Thanks for commenting :)

  6. lostasyou says:

    You’re right. Just google “who are my state legislaters? In state ____” And
    it should pull up a list of the districts and your representatives. Glad to
    hear from you X340n3

  7. Kubiez Lopez says:

    how can an indibidual become sovereing

  8. greywolf424 says:


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