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  1. cyniraholt says:

    I just subscribed to you.. Thanks for sharing in comments! Brightest

  2. True Freeman says:

    they have to be prosecuted because if I were doing what they are doing they
    would put me under the jail real men do real shit so they dont scare me at

  3. True Freeman says:

    thanks and I hope I am helping people and forgive me because I have? my own
    process and some dont like it but oh well atleast I’m on the battle field

  4. True Freeman says:

    you cant stay away from commerce when the straw man in in commerce you must
    learn when to and when not to opperate in commerce you cant stay away from
    commerce if you want whats owed to you

  5. cyniraholt says:

    I got chills in the first 3 minutes.. I Love when someone speaks and know
    what their saying.. #Respect Thanks for Sharing! Will listen to the other
    videos! And Share! i remember you from Reese the realest talkshoe..
    (forgive me for the misspelling) at least your voice sound identical, and
    energy! Brightest Blessings~

  6. Josey Wales says:

    Thats right. the free cell phones from the govmint are paid on the public
    side. Straight from the SS trust account. No lawful money just frn currency.

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