Steven Styblo

Prepaid Legal in the West Valley.
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  1. Michael Maynard says:

    Styblo, you can start by visiting this site, and admit to
    your lies and apologize. Then you can go here, and
    do the same. We fully expect you to resign from the VFW. We know what post
    you belong to and the good folks there are already being contacted. You
    might want to come clean before your employer finds out about your lies.?

  2. Phantom-RC says:

    Burn in hell you POS Phony !!!!?

  3. jayn zee says:

    doctor i mean reverend i mean captain or is it mr ceo..whatever, i don’t
    get hung up on you know jodi arias?? just kidding-my real
    question, “how did you earn a purple heart”? the reason i ask is,
    according to your classmate photo (by the way, you look like my aunt
    nettie) you graduated in 1975. I put you at 19 in 1975 (because you look
    kinda stupid) so that would make you around 13 yrs old when you joined the
    Department of the United State of America Army (DUSAA). you were shot down
    in ’73 and taken prisoner hence the purple. now, you either know someone on
    the board at the United States Department of Purple Hearts Commission or
    you are full of shit. which is it doctor?? I suspect the latter. I wanted
    to ask you, what is it that compelled you to steal the valor of so many
    honorable men and women. but what i really like to know is “how do you
    feel now that your fraudulent life has been exposed”? something tells me
    that the above mentioned titles are a bunch of bulshit too. so, for once in
    your pathetic fucking life APOLOGIZE (place it on your facebook page) and
    start telling the goddamn truth.

    John N Zorn?

  4. Michael Maynard says:

    Styblo, you lying POS. You wanted attention? You’re about to get all you
    can handle. I don’t think you’ll like it much though. See, you’re set to
    become famous, infamous is more like it. You’re already posted on three
    stolen valor sites. The word is getting out that you’re a poser and liar.
    You didn’t even get out of the Delayed Entry Program. If you were smart,
    you’d come clean about your lies. Resign from the VFW and drop the phony
    Reverend PhD crap.?

  5. phaethonkirk says:

    Also posted on Ty Zellers wall of shame as an fake and a lair!

  6. phaethonkirk says:

    Bullshit! Steve Styblo has never been in the military ever!

  7. phaethonkirk says:

    This guy is a crook! Don’t let him near you or your personal info!

  8. PlasmaCoolantLeak says:

    Really, Steve? After what the POW Network has on their site about you?

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