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Your monthly membership fee gives you access to a quality law firm in your state. Call about anything you want. It’s that simple. Just contact your Provider …
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  1. Linh Ha LegalShieldAssociate says:

    This will give you a brief look at what Legalshield is about!?

  2. LegalShield Independent Associate, Theresa Lovelace says:

    How a LegalShield Memebership Works?

  3. Ronette Phillips says:

    How a LegalShield Membership Works:

  4. Ryan Sherry says:

    Find out more:

  5. Paul J. Scardicchio says:

    This is best can every men kind could know that works. And Pays well So are
    you all in I am!!! I will be happy just see you myth like it?

  6. Paul J. Scardicchio says:

    It hep me for over ten years for unlimited issues And having power that
    most also the peace of mind ?

  7. David Blake says:

    I am a member of Legal Shield and an associate. Some time after I became a
    member of Legal Shield, I got involved in an auto accident and although I
    was not at fault, the police officer charged me. I called my provider law
    firm and the lawyer who was assigned to me told me what to ask the Crown
    Attorney for in relation to the accident.

    Well, after I asked the specific questions as directed, I received a letter
    from the said Crown Attorney, informing me that the case was thrown out and
    the charges dropped. Contrast that to a case where I received a speeding
    ticket just after 911 although I was not speeding. I paid a lot of money to
    Excopper to defend me in court but of course, I was found guilty and had to
    pay a fine as well as the huge fee charged by Excopper.

    My recommendation to anyone is to get a membership in Legal Shield, even if
    you think you don’t need it right now because it will pay for itself the
    very first time you use it.?

  8. Michael W Hutton says:

    Using this service. …. amazing so far!?

  9. Mary Smith says:

    I’m a member as well as an Independent Associate with Legalshield Some
    individuals feel that can handle their legal situation themselves or they
    feel if they pay more for an attorney they are getting better quality
    service. I have personally used the services for many times. I like Mr
    Blake, was in a car accident that wasn’t my fault. The car insurance
    company representing the person at fault told me all the things they
    couldn’t do but after I called my attorney which resulted in a letter on
    my behalf to the insurance, company 2- wks later I received a check in the
    mail! The power of Words written by an Attorney! No one can tell your
    story better than you so get the membership and use it for your life

  10. Raymond Gonzales says:
  11. Larry Mahaney says:

    My provider firm saved me $50,000.00 on two issues!?

  12. LegalShield Official says:

    We are sorry to hear about your friend’s struggles, we want to help
    whenever possible. Please have them contact our Member Services at
    800-654-7757 Mon-Fri from 7AM-7PM CST, and one of our representatives would
    be happy to review this with them.

  13. valholla2003 says:

    I’m a Legal Shield associate as well as a paralegal. I first hand know how
    helpful this is! I no longer have to turn people away because they cannot
    afford a $3000 retainer! This is such a wonderful opportunity! *happy

  14. thelasthallow says:

    I have a friend who is having legal problems. he tried to get legal shield
    but he did not qualify somehow. supposedly he didn’t make enough money for
    them despite its only something like $20 a month.

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