– Are Tax Sales a Good Investment For Real Estate Investors? Here Is A Quick Video On The Pros And Cons Of Investing in a Tax Sale Hi,…
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  1. Benjamin Williams says:

    Very useful information for beginners such as myself. I would have to
    figure out how to identify those properties that are under a bankruptcy or
    any other lien that could/would jeopardize my investment. Thanks!?

  2. clint m says:

    My question is can you file for the deed yourself or do you have to hire a
    lawyer or private company. I have not been able to find much on this topic.?

  3. Jeffrey Dyrek says:

    Did you that property tax only penalized the disabled, people who lose
    their spouses, people who have excessive medical bills. Property tax is
    like a wolf waiting to eat up the sick and injured, it should be totally
    illegal on a personal residence. C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster, Disabled Vet.?

  4. Arleen Jamison says:

    Your a great presenter, clear consice and enthralling. I enjoyed your

  5. Tony Viola says:

    I have Florida Tax Liens for sale – paying 12 to18% (2008)– 877-211-1346?

  6. Yavette Harris says:

    very good. I’d love to learn more about a specific state I should look at.?

  7. mehar sethi says:

    very informative answered alot of my questions .. awesome video?

  8. JOHN PUBLIC says:

    Suggestions, would it be possible to speak just a bit clearer and slower
    for the average viewer to better understand you, and less moving and hand
    flashing would better help my concentration on the subject in the videos.
    If not possible, possibly someone else in that office could take over
    presenting this valuable information. Thx.?

  9. Tina Phillips says:

    Great vid on tax sales and tax liens!?

  10. Susan Dyck says:

    hello could you send me any information on how to by on foreclosure
    properties that would help me understand how and where to do my home work
    as i am hoping to invest ?

  11. Frank Zappa says:

    Very fine vid! Thank you!?

  12. Angela Poteet says:

    whats the best resource to find out information or specifically history
    about a property before you put a deposit on a tax lein??

  13. Jacqueline Vasan says:

    Very informative. Thanks for the information!?

  14. jim buchens says:

    awesome video.
    thank you~?

  15. dreamingcode says:

    is there a website that can tell me if there is a lien on a certain
    property instead of going to the courthouse for each property??

  16. TheGrayman1234 says:

    If you bought a tax certificate on a property and 2.5 years went by and you
    are about to foreclose on the property. You just found out that the city
    put a lien (over 10 years ago) on the property of $3000 for destruction of
    a old building that used to be on the property. Now if I foreclose am I
    responsible for the $3000??

  17. howiboy says:

    You should do a video of the pros and cons of, I’ve heard more
    negative about the site but I wonder?

  18. Eduardo Perez says:

    Very informative and right to the point. thanks. But I have a question. I
    purchase one of this properties with a tenant in it. How soon can get the
    eviction process started?

  19. Frank R says:

    Good Job?

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