The average fee for non-customer use of an ATM is now a record .40 and the average fee for a bounced check is now nearly — also a record. Anthony Mason reports on why the fees are so high.

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  1. Muzzy337 says:

    It warms the human heart to see the enormous gratitude the banks have for
    being bailed out by taxpayers in their desperate time of need. NOT. The
    american people should tell these greedy banks to go fuck themselves and
    withdraw every penny they have. They should NOT have been bailed out, they
    should have been left to die from their own greed and stupidity. Fucking
    blood sucking bottom dwelling scumbag cocksuckers. Too big to fail has
    become too big for jail. FUCK THEM.

  2. Asiablue says:

    Bankers should end taking their annual bonuses (our money, btw) and thereby
    make up for the fees. Just a thought.

  3. Karmasvengence says:

    take you money out now. if everybody does this week. it will sink them
    straight down to nothing.

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