The Empower Network is a great business. If you want to get paid %100 commissions you have to know how t…

eBay Frauds and customer problems

Problem in buying from Ebay. Please see this video in order to make sure that how keep your shopping secure on ebay. Ebay just cares to earn money without an…
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  1. Louise Usher says:

    Are you still going my friend? How’s it going for you? ?

  2. Mat G says:

    From my experience. empower network does not have an actual product but a
    method and that method is to exploit people’s deepest desires by telling
    them how they are a loser in life where they can make tons of money buy
    joining their network. when you join things get really interesting, they
    tell you that the product is the same thing which caused you to join the
    network. so you have to do the same thing to make money.

  3. Miguel Barriga says:

    So i need more info

  4. trollie says:

    i was gonna join but doing the research its a scam why does this idiot live
    in costa rica thats very fishy and also the u.s cant get him for ripping
    people off

  5. Matthew Alleyne says:

    You probably don’t see the 8 steps because you didn’t activate your
    affiliate account. You have to pay the $19.95 to get access to the core 8

  6. Baz Moreno says:

    He is American. And the American govt does not mind kidnapping anybody.

  7. empowernetworkreview says:

    Great info Mathew .. thanks for taking the rime to shae your energy

  8. mdichou says:


  9. noble3131 says:

    This guy again. Get a job.

  10. mdichou says:

    snow ball scam, beware

  11. Sakila Sultna says:

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  12. Sangouansack Sisouphanthong says:

    How do I join? I tried to pay for my affiliate membership $19.95 but to no
    avail. Please Help!

  13. Mat G says:

    Yes it is very unethical. I am one of many people who earn money online the
    hard way. I myself make money online and actually sell physical products
    under my own brand name. That is the best way. Empower on the other hand
    makes money using manipulative tactics similar to the casinos to get your
    money and then teach you how to use exactly the same unethical tactics so
    that you can make money. that is not a business it is a trap once you fall
    in you change and lie and lie to make money

  14. mikeybbdrummin says:

    That funny……one of the other guys said at the meetings there is
    cursing, dressed casual and people
    sleeping……………….anyway……..basically the “products” are
    really computer programs to sell to people? So it’s not an actual hold in
    your hand product?………….Am I correct?

  15. Diana Bolton says:

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  16. kandmglobal says:

    Keep up the good work, great vid!

  17. Mike Thomas says:

    Mmm sounds a bit crap mate to be fair

  18. abronyali says:

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    discover beneficial tips on the best way to make easy money on the internet
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    work for you also.

  19. mikeybbdrummin says:

    Yep………It’s a joke all the way around…..whys the owner in Costa
    Rica?……Less punishment there when this all unfolds, than there would be
    in the U.S.

  20. Ben quinn says:

    Where can I meet you give me an address … deranged prick.

  21. Ben quinn says:

    You better stop harassing and stalking me with your lies or I will take
    appropriate action against you.

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