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You Own A Bond the Crown Connection 1.. the bankers fraud “1776 is the year that will truly live in infamy for all Americans. It is the year that the Crown C…
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  1. mortgageratestexas says:

    Thanks for the information!

  2. a41dog says:

    it gets tolerAble eventually… So the Knights Templar werent all burned on
    the stake then??

  3. EASTENDGLEN says:

    do you really think you are anonymous because of the voice? yeah they are
    coming for you

  4. a41dog says:

    plug a cheap mike into your PC and use audacity to record your voice – fukk
    text-to-speech crap!

  5. MrZimwins says:

    Why doesnt anyone get to the point and say what they think we should do.

  6. Aniki Nippon says:

    That’s not Steven Hawking

  7. Elissa Hawke says:

    this is wonderful wonderful work THANKYOU!!!!! but please please rerecord
    it as the human voice carries the soul required for the emphases needed
    here. It’s a powerful concise message which will reach so many more better
    please please it needs to be COMPREHENDED

  8. Anthony Plaza says:

    @MrZimwins educate others

  9. kingneddy says:

    voice is annoying…. like the info though

  10. mucha123100 says:

    This is the most informative video I’ve ever seen about this ongoing morbid
    deceit dropped upon humanity. Now all we need to learn is how to protect
    ourselves against these freaks, and get rid of the varmitsI Kick the Wolf
    out of the Henhouse….. I can’t stand the mechanical voice….. Please
    change it.

  11. sensei48 says:

    That’s a text to voice protocol – sounds a bit like MS Word.

  12. freemanshrout says:


  13. Paratrooper X says:

    Latin … Brother Veritus’ you will understand then .

  14. sativahigh5 says:

    hi freeman, good vid. but y the

  15. centurion180ad says:

    Actually our demonstrated ignorance of these malevolent inbreed’s filth,
    will make it that much easier to jettison their crud, arrest these
    genocidal sodomite lunatics, return our property to proper owners, and then
    get on with living our lives.

  16. freemanshrout says:

    @kingneddy … thnaks for watching & your comment .. the voice is there for
    those who’re less able than most .. Anyone who wants to Use Their Mute
    Button & Read are welcome to of course. Peace.

  17. drfan2004 says:

    The Templars as a group captured Jerusalem during the Crusades and carried
    the hidden treasures and books of secret knowledge from the Temple of
    Solomon to Europe.After some time they were expelled by the Catholic
    monarch King JohnII of France after which they had re-emerged from
    Scotland.Britain has been there power base ever since.

  18. joewallace2 says:

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