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  1. Devoti says:

    assuming it’s the ceo that reads this…. anyway, i like the idea of
    sending junkmail to people who send junkmail. there’s a pic of someone
    taping the envelope to a giant box filled with bricks and rocks. don’t know
    if that works though, but it would be hilarious if it did.?

  2. tjwhi1 says:

    Nice simple clear protest message and action. Yes, has been done before but
    deserves to be revived and passed on. Thank you.?

  3. Linda Richards says:
  4. Joe Gitgun says:

    Print your own for pennies by using my templates ; links on my channel.
    Fill with garbage leaflet advertising and send back.
    Costs the scum a pretty penny if we all send them.?

  5. Richard White says:

    @swampratzozzle Again you assume about me without understanding? How many
    times does have to be presented to you and you ignore what HE says and for
    all to see?”Conversion is not putting a person in an arm-chair and taking
    them easily to heaven. It is the beginning of a mighty conflict.” ~ J.C. Ryl

  6. swampratzozzle says:

    @Lions4jesus “Rest my case”, means I am done arguing or trying to explain.
    It means I have presented my case, and now I am done. Lions – I rest my

  7. davas843 says:

    Have the banks already responded to this? My address is now printed on the
    postage paid return envelopes from Discover!

  8. swampratzozzle says:

    @Lions4jesus Romans 3:9 “What shall we conclude then, Are we any better?
    Not at all! As it is written, there is NO ONE righteous not even one….
    ALL have turned away….. there is no one who does good, not even one.” vs
    20 NO ONE will be declared righteous in God’s sight by observing the Law,
    rather, it is through the law we become conscious of sin.” Our job is to
    point people to God, not point out their problems. They know already. God
    is their saviour, not us. HOW we warn matters.

  9. watcher211 says:

    @rorytmeadows It is the bank’s job to complete a full check of someone’s
    finances prior to loaning money to someone. It is irresponsible to give a
    ARM loan to someone who you know will not be able to pay it back, just so
    you can flip their inevitable foreclosed house and then make it difficult
    or impossible for a small business owner to obtain a loan. The people
    signing the contracts were at fault as well, but they weren’t the subject
    matter experts, the bankers should have been.

  10. funwes says:

    #127039 on bash. This shit’s been done before

  11. grayshard says:

    Doesn’t work. The postal service discards packages with these labels.

  12. n2buds says:

    WOW… as I read some of the pessimistic and defeatist reactions to this
    video, I now understand how so many Americans give the banks so much power.
    Statements like: “BANKS CAN STRIKE BACK!! ” and ” the mail will probably
    just get opened by some poor sap gets paid peanuts… He/she’s not your
    enemy…” and “What exactly did the banks? do that was illegal?” This kind
    of thinking is exactly why the mogul minority believes they can do anything
    they want when dealing with our economy.

  13. Mike Kling says:

    This might help save the Post Office. You know, that socialist organization
    that provides a service to citizens without a profit motive.

  14. DeportedAllan says:

    you just won me over with this video.. cheers

  15. Richard White says:

    @swampratzozzle How we warn matter yes, and you did well by quoting Romans
    3…..But what else have you left out? You proclaim the law but forget His
    Commandment of Love. And Scripture is full of pointing out sin, stop
    believing you opinions and leave yourself out of GOD’s Equation.2Cr 5:11
    Since, then, we know what it is to fear the Lord, we try to persuade men.
    What we are is plain to God, and I hope it is also plain to your conscience.

  16. swampratzozzle says:

    @Houseitch Well, if you did a little more reading of the thread, you will
    see I am merely responding to someone who in fact wandered off topic. Maybe
    you would like to message all of them as well? Sometimes in life, we start
    out by talking about one thing, and it leads to something else. Not sure
    how that happened here, though. lol

  17. Dirtydog554 says:

    Added bonus: Increases revenue for a cash strapped USPS! Win! Win!

  18. mentallystressed says:

    smart guy…. thank your for this information Peace

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