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  1. Samuel Anwar says:

    The GTX 880 is limited to a 264-Bit bus…. I think I’ll stick to my R9
    290x 😉
    Edit: Whatever the bus width is, it’s still lower than old AMD cards 😕

  2. Stanrijo says:

    What is best? Displayport or hdmi??

  3. Kael says:

    Does Linus realise that a 10bit panel only works with a Quaddro??

  4. McJrMan/RostedPotato says:

    will a GTX 750 TI fit in a XC600?
    i would be happy if someone say that cuase my bithday soon and i need to
    say to my parents what card i want?

  5. Narindra Singh says:

    Your audio is always low. When im at home its no problem cause my audio is
    beast and i just crank it up but when im on dell grade everyday computers
    its a struggleeeee. PLSSSSS fix your audio.?

  6. Sterling D says:

    I’m gonna be running an i5 4690k with an R9 290 TRI X OC edition, can
    anybody recommend me a motherboard good enough for these two components but
    not too cheap that’ll break on me? Also, what PSU wattage should i get??

  7. Master57Gaming says:

    Why can’t Nvidia do what AMD did and release a new series of cards that are
    in between their current ones? Nvidia needs more budget cards.?

  8. LinusTechTips says:

    The WAN Show archive is up! Table of contents is *mostly* done!?

  9. vmagna8 says:

    does anyone know what’s the model of the laptops they use in the WAN Show??

  10. Armaan Javeri says:

    Thinking about building a PC with a 780 Ti, should I just wait for the 880??

  11. TheRedWolfLord says:

    I’m building a new pc – should I go with my z97, i5-4690k,8gb ddr3 and msi
    gaming r9 290 build or should I wait for x99, haswell-e i5, ddr4 and gtx

  12. TTYBO says:

    I have some money and I am looking to upgrade my graphics card, I have a
    msi GeForce n560gtx ti should I upgrade to a 780ti or should I wait for the

  13. brickman409 says:

    does this video have a hidden QR code??

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