Transforming Debt Into Wealth Review WARNING: See the TRUTH Its amazing just how many people and families today are struggling with unpaid bills and debt up to their eye balls. The stress and…
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There are still some tax law changes up for grabs for tax year 2010. Bob Meighan, CPA of TurboTax, breaks down what that means for you an how TurboTax is prepared to help you easily file you…
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  1. brokin6 says:

    Did you even go through the program? He goes into teaching about what to do
    with your income once you are out of debt and it does NOT include your
    program. Hmmmm, I wonder why. Thanks for wasting three and a half minutes
    of my time by latching onto HIS product to promote yours.?

  2. craftchick674 says:

    Is there a reason, that people have to buy the advice, not to spend more
    money, as they earn?

  3. fcheshir says:

    Sly hook there to try and sucker people into your program.. Very sneaky

  4. ScorpiusII says:

    The program is real and true but not worth the $500. The callers from the
    telemarketing centers are highly trained and are very manipulative.

  5. paulvsvideos says:

    whaaoo I thought that was a picture of me for a second.

  6. ERUTANGIS says:

    Nice teeth! Thanks, but my grandmother told me the same thing.

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