His murder trial starts this week. Remembering You T-dogg! There was only one T-dogg, and there will never be another. He was a bright light in the lives of …

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  1. SuperTruthful says:


  2. heavensnewestangel says:

    Such a beautiful memorial video. Travis was a handsome man and it’s so sad
    that he had to leave this earth at a young age. With what happened to him
    touched me. I have never met him but something about his eyes that tell me
    he was a gentle and kind man. I have followed the trial from day one and I
    hope justice is served for Travis and that Jodi never walks free again.
    Thank you for sharing this video of Travis with us. It kinda gives us an
    insight to the type of man he was. Pictures speak a thousand words! RIP
    Travis! ?

  3. Imade Mason says:

    Hey can’t watch this the uk ideas anyone??

  4. Lorraine Barry says:

    family are ok and Jodie rotts in hell?

  5. Michael Angel says:

    He did Jodi and Jodi did him.?

  6. Mop Head says:

    wow thats a crazy comment coming from someone with the sock account Dillan
    Kiebolt and Bruce Wayne. Hate to tell you this buddy but you are really nuts

  7. Mop Head says:

    I actually am beginning to think you are a closet homo and have an interest
    in young boys judging by your comments all over youtube right Brenda Oconnor

  8. WH2012 says:

    Travis Alexander: Gentle protector.

  9. Robin Elaine says:

    I can just tell by looking at his pictures that he was such a funny guy and
    that he loved life! Why did this have to happen.. ;'(

  10. Seeker52Truth says:

    I come back here just to hear the music “Man of God” :)

  11. WH2012 says:

    Travis Alexander: Spirited, funny, warm and sharp-witted.

  12. Jessa Perry says:

    I am not ashamed of ANY thing I say, especially about this case, your
    obviously OBSESSED with Travis if all you do if stalk his fucking videos,
    literally stalking them, you are on here every single day writing everyone
    back and being a fucking loser that has no life – Jodi is a nasty whore and
    is a convicted murderer your the sick one, why don’t you send her some
    money in jail and be her pen pal –

  13. Kristina Marquez says:

    u r so right!

  14. Kristina Marquez says:

    OMG! That’s bad.U must be saying that bc of the sex tape when he said
    something about a 12 yr old. Yuck!

  15. Jessa Perry says:

    I don’t even know Travis…. yet after following the trial ect, I feel like
    he is apart of me somehow.. Rest in peace Travis, I cant wait to meet u in
    heaven one day.. You will NEVER be forgotten…..

  16. Mop Head says:

    Brenda/MOPHEAD mophead mophead You spend so much time on youtube talking
    through your sock accounts. Just think if you were to see an actual shrink
    and get on some Lithium you could actually come out of your basement and
    join humanilty

  17. carmengonzales282 says:


  18. WH2012 says:

    Travis Alexander: generous benefactor.

  19. WH2012 says:

    Travis Alexander: Wise beyond years, youthful, enthusiastic, exuberant.

  20. Mop Head says:

    Do I look somewhat familiar to you Mop

  21. Robin Elaine says:

    This just hurts my heart so bad! He was just getting started!

  22. Kim Leighton says:

    Chris, this absolutely beautiful. I wish I would have know Travis – he was
    gift to the world. Thank you!

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