ALARMING! Washington’s Dilemma!. Soaring debt and a budget Congress can’t balance. This VIDEO explains WHY. Every person in AMERICA should watch this video! …
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  1. Djak013 says:

    baykoty and arrange meetings around the world, the US terrorizing the
    planet, forcing them to buy government bonds on which they will not pay.
    each country to buy them pays tax on America right to exist on the planet
    etoy. Enough! enough to live at the expense of the whole world! we will not
    pay you!?

  2. crazypants88 says:

    Kind of sounds like red letter media.?

  3. ScumbagMafia says:

    Look man, I appreciate your fancy accounting but if you cut the Obama phone
    program I can’t place my order with QVC for my official 2014 Commemorative
    Ellis Island collector plate.You will be affecting the importer which is a
    U.S based company and the manufacturer of my patriotic plate (China) I
    don’t care about the economy I wan’t my plate in 3-4 business days!?

  4. John Marlowe says:

    1 we spent more than we taxed
    2 we spent your Social Security and Medicare reserves, too!
    3 So pain for all. OK??

  5. Liberty or Else says:

    Google these:
    For Economic Solutions that are DOABLE~!!!
    Odious Debt?

  6. Liberfree says:

    Hal, are you planning on doing an updated video with the latest numbers?
    And do you have an idea on how one could do this same breakdown for their
    state? I’m in California and would like to know just how much this
    government squanders its “revenue.”?

  7. WJack97224 says:

    Read Lysander Spooners’s No Treason No. 6, The Constitution of No
    Authority. He has charged that the Feds have no authority to compel us to
    pay anything or do anything as we do not have a contract to allow them to
    treat us as their stinkin’ naggar slaves (that last is my observation). We
    have been looted by the elitist politicians with the support of their
    fawning, sycophantic, obsequious, toady, groveling bootlickers.?

  8. Kenneth Lowndes says:

    There are assumptions here that are in need of revision. such as Interest
    and the kind of money in use.

    Interest is driving Inflation. Interest is the problem, interest is the
    inflation. Secondly, using the (no)Federal AND (no)Reserve kind of
    worthless money.

    A Brand New Kind of Dollar, Value Based, such as is the IVAMU, (google it),
    to REPLACE the unsustainable, perpetual debt based pretense of economy is
    THE answer. And yes, there really is an doable answer.

    Plus out of the gate, the IVAMU based Currency Standard, rolls back
    inflation by 6 Plus times. (currently, more as time goes by).

    Because the IVAMU Standard is a Hybrid money, one that CONTAINS REAL
    precious metals, it can not be “over produced.” ( Also google “Odious Debt”

    SEE for yourself that the ONLY people who OWE the debt, fraudulently
    created, without our fully informed mutual consent, in its entirety, is NOT
    an obligation of We the people.

    The only people who owe it are the (non)Federal AND (no)Reserve itself, and
    its US Congressional enablers. No one else.?

  9. Steven Archibald says:


  10. WJack97224 says:

    Hey Hal, are you working on an updated version of the 2012 video??

  11. Judy Z says:

    I too am an accountant and tax professional and he fails to point out that
    the payroll tax should not even be in the budget in regards to SS and
    Medicare because they are funded from the payroll aka FICA tax and Medicare
    tax. Also, the spending that was done on two wars, Medicare Part D and tax
    cuts that were not paid for nor were they put on the budget during the Bush
    Presidency and President Obama added them in 2009 so he got blamed for
    Bush’s spending. This guy is wacko, but in a sense I agree that we can
    never balance the budget, or rather more accurately we can never totally
    pay off the national debt because of the way the system was set up back in
    the early 1900’s. It is impossible to predict costs of anything these days
    given the fact that the Pentagon signs on to no bid contracts that wind up
    doubling, tripling or quadrupling over their lifetimes. Nor can we predict
    the cost of paying for natural disasters. Most average citizens do not
    live on what they earn, they borrow for mortgages, cars and credit card
    debt which far exceeds our national debt. You do not grow an economy by
    cuts, but by spending, which is what Eisenhower did after WWII debt was far
    higher then it is now in relation to GDP. We need a balance between
    increased revenues, like getting corporations to pay taxes at all and
    sensible cuts, but not to anything that actually stimulates the economy,
    which is what this man would suggest.?

  12. TheMJaber18 says:

    Last name, First name. OR Username. “Title of Video.” Title of Site. Name
    of institution or publisher, Day Month Year of publication. Medium. Day
    Month Year of access.

    Mason, Hal. “United States Budget Dilemma.wmv.” Youtube. Youtube,
    14 March 2012. Web. 30 November 2013?

  13. Mark Herndon says:

    Interesting video especially considering what is going to happen when
    congress comes back from vacation. Yes once again the debt ceiling

  14. An A says:

    @Hal Mason – good info, however, the real problem is the Federal Reserve
    and our banking system. Anyone, regardless of credentials, who claims to
    understand politics, business & economics without knowing the true history
    of the banking system won’t identify the real problem. Don’t listen to
    politicians or the puppets on TV, the problem is simple – Audit The Fed &
    hold the owners accountable. “The Money Masters” documentary will educate
    you. My blessings.

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