Starting Saturday January 26th, unlocking your smartphone will be illegal. You can still get a carrier to unlock for you, but if it’s “unauthorized,” the act is no longer protected by the …
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  1. Jordan Dunham says:

    My friend will give me this smartphone. If i can unlock it. Don’t lemme
    down! :)?

  2. Tim Collins says:

    Unlocking, jail breaking, rooting… yep.

  3. montyhades says:

    Yep! That’s very easy! Just go to the apple store, Sony, Samsung, or either
    the phones companies, buy a phone at retail price and they will give it to
    you unlock! Very simple! Of course cheap people will complain thinking they
    buy a phone under contract from $1-$200 and then try to unlock! You are
    stealing money right there!

  4. LondonOntGuy says:

    Land of the free? hahaha….

  5. Angel Ramirez says:

    thats all smart phone and she was giving a example of a smart phone

  6. NerdAlert says:

    Why? Actually, my old coworker said I reminded him of Cameron from The
    Sarah Connor Chronicles -Kim

  7. capucchan8 says:


  8. TheKLIMPF says:

    This just shows how far today’s greed goes.

  9. L-Z Jo-Z says:

    I hate to be a basher,but this is typical American legal procedure,a
    procedure which is to suck as much corporate cock as possible and fuck what
    the people think.American government is corporate-owned and the Brit
    government is anti-liberty.

  10. NerdAlert says:

    Hey everyone! The White House petition to decriminalize unlocking
    smartphones is gaining some traction. If you’re opposed to this rule (and
    if you aren’t, you and I need to discuss this!) I added the link to the
    description. -Kim

  11. Fausto Fonseca says:

    In Portugal, after 2 years, the carrier is obligated to unlock your phone
    for you, if you ask.

  12. fappercino says:

    0:20 “There are ample alternatives to circum-” No, Rabbi!! For the love of
    Satan’s gonads, don’t do it!! “-vention.” Whewww.

  13. DeRussell Masina says:

    Awesome tag at the end lol NERD!!!

  14. mat zope says:

    hey there is an petition going around can you post the link for it?

  15. Zeeshan Madni says:

    lol i wouldn’t know. i stopped following Terminator series after the last
    movie FAIL.

  16. wisp4400 says:

    this is ridiculous

  17. darkridr25 says:

    This is why I don’t bother with smartphones. I saw this coming years ago
    and I’m actually surprised it took our government this long to finally take
    this right away from us. PC’s & Laptops FTW!

  18. MrTerrierLove says:

    Who the fuck goes into a shop to find out how to unlock their phone? Good
    luck enforcing that law.

  19. krumble104 says:

    Yup, you can bet your bottom dollar that Apple lobbied hard for this little

  20. OverTheHump says:

    I don’t own a phone now, I want one, but honestly I do not respect this law
    in the slightest. They should at least force carriers to give the unlock
    code after the contract is over, why should a carrier have a hand in
    something that isn’t theirs anymore? I hope its hacked out of spite now…
    guess I’ll just keep using a netbook with google voice

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