The FBI believes that jewellery shops in Jersey City’s “Little India” neighbourhood were at the heart of a vast credit card fraud ri…
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  1. rastaleopard29 says:

    really now…. India’s economy cannot flourish from this scam. If you look
    at the map, you’ll see it wasn’t in only India

  2. Cosmo Ray says:

    It figures this kind of fraud shop is in Indiantown.

  3. BeautyHealthZoneBlog says:

    I wish what? Your comment makes no sense….no surprise.

  4. BeautyHealthZoneBlog says:

    If there were any real people keeping track of these things, then they
    wouldn’t happen, would they? Whole thing is just ridiculous. Of course
    there has to be someone on the inside pulling the strings or else it
    wouldn’t reach such a grand scale.

  5. VJ Blues says:

    Here in Illinois, Chicago in particular, they are ” very prolofic ” with
    the help of the ,typical corrupted politician. They are everywhere, 99% of
    convenince stores and franchises such as Burguer King, Seven Eleven, etc..
    are own by them. Also, Professional Consultants in SAP/ERP are ” plague ”
    by them with the ” help ” of very corrupted individuals with not loyalties
    to the Nation.

  6. Fseirst Lrest says:

    If only bankers would get this kind of punishment.

  7. CrystalBUGS says:

    If it can be built, it can be broken into. No amount of security on
    anything will ever stop intelligent people who want a fast way around.
    Sorry, but that’s the truth.

  8. Maryam Mehdikhan says:

    Fraud, Fraud, Fraud! Watch out giving your credit card to a timeshares
    salesman. They will charge it without you even knowing about it! Please
    click on my picture to watch the video!

  9. BeautyHealthZoneBlog says:

    Always innocent people suffering in the end, while the scammers get off

  10. mytube says:

    No wonder India’s economy is flourishing today, we are the succours.

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