House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner made a statement to present a plan to fellow House Republicans. He asked them to approve a short-term increase of the debt ceiling. If passed,…
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  1. shucksful says:

    ACTING!!! :)?

  2. euronews (in English) says:

    [COMING-NEXT] US #Shutdown: House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner
    is expected to make a statement in less than 10 minutes. Watch it live


    The president has to come to the table?

  4. ???????? ???? says:

    to continue to find more debt. fucking lying cunt. ussa ussa ussa. glad I
    don’t live there.?

  5. Carlos Sea says:

    [COMING-NEXT] US #Shutdown: House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner
    is expected to make a statement in less than 10 minutes. Watch it live

  6. Jay M says:

    President Obama, why do I have to pay more for health insurance so that you
    can subsidize junk-food junkies, couch potatoes, perpetual freeloaders,
    illegal aliens, Congress Members and GuvMint itself? Why do you want to
    raise the the national debt limit? Do you not realize that $16.7 trillion
    is already huge and puts the country at financial risk? Why should
    hard-working taxpayers have to burden the risk of financial collapse as a
    result of financial irresponsibility of Washington Politicians.

  7. genkamakura says:

    Democrate and republican is bullshit……

  8. MrZapi02 says:

    Didn’t obamacare boost the economy and register a bunch of folk? Didn’t the
    shutdown do the opposite? Their are a bunch of politicians getting paid
    while poor and middle class suffer. The President is rich and Congress is
    rich they will never know your pain.

  9. Mesalonika says:

    raising the deb ceiling? please it was 2000 and Chenney was
    president..Chenney decided many things oil benefits (for him and his
    family) invasion of Irak ..waterboarding etc…what are the repugnicans
    talking about? let’s impeach these bastards!!! #1 this crying bohner ho,, 2
    (McCain) hasn’t he milked senate enough? not to mention his lovely wife?
    the Mcconnell (ugly old Dorian Gray old gay!!

  10. danielxu94560 says:

    Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; As I live, surely mine oath that he hath
    despised, and my covenant that he hath broken, even it will I recompense
    upon his own head. Ezekiel 17:19. The LORD bringeth the counsel of the
    heathen to nought: he maketh the devices of the people of none effect.
    Psalms 33:10. Let’s see who win.

  11. jorgipogi says:

    Look all the rich moguls in the background.

  12. Dave davidson says:

    If by “destroy the country,” you mean “save the economy” then yes, they’re
    guilty. If by “terrorist,” you mean “preserve liberty” then yes, they’re
    guilty. Choosing NOT to get a bigger credit card to pay for things we don’t
    have money for is NOT terrorism, it is smart business.

  13. Rbrace says:

    Democrats are the devil

  14. Mark Blue says:

    Once again Boehner is putting a woman in front of himself like a human

  15. Del B. says:

    whats with all this drama…?

  16. bigraviolees says:

    The GOP terrorist. See them go home shut the door and put the wraps on
    their heads and pray to Mohammad as they are grateful for going so deep
    undercover to destroy this country

  17. 888Valkyrie says:

    Government should be talking about decreasing debt not increasing it. Large
    government is cancer on society, bleeding wealth from the public to fund
    private interests. Low taxes, small government. Time we put a spoke in the
    nanny states wheels … The EU is part of that nanny state, over here,
    riding roughshod over our own elected governments. The republicans are spot
    on to try and put in check Obama’s mindless overspending.

  18. RogueState says:

    This is like watching a bad performance of Punch and Judy, how can this
    pass as politics in the modern age? People across America should be
    demanding that they get a tax deduction after this little stunt by the
    Government, what happened to no tax without representation?

  19. Jason Kendall says:

    Jail the lot of them starting with Boner. American politics has become
    nothing more than big business and at the peoples expense. No More
    Professional Politicians! No More ownership of Government by the thieves
    big business. The Mafia did the same thing but they had better morals!

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