Visualization …LYRICS… Superman was killed in Dallas There’s no love left in the palace Someone took the Beatles’ lead guitar Have another Chivas Regal Y…
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  1. Marvin G. Harden says:

    Have heard this in a long time, this is still meaningful today.
    Stevie Wonder and Charlene.?

  2. Marjorie Sevilla says:

    A song that for some strange reason, predicts the worlds’ oppressions from
    the past, present and the future and why we are going through it……?

  3. Katrice Johnson says:

    Been looking for this song for almost 25 years since the first day I heard

  4. Anon Heel says:

    For Humanity?

  5. Irene MacMillan says:

    Congratulations on combining Charlene & Stevie’s tune with some wonderful &
    graphic visuals – VERY WELL DONE.

  6. chaneebennett2004 says:

    wonderful project Chris Chen…u gave meaning to the was more
    understood with the help of the different those who will be
    watching this, pls pay attention to the last part.. we all have the heart
    to convey what the song tells us to do.. for the sake of that guy who died
    for all of us.. think about it..

  7. htshoward says:

    Love this song! Brought back such memories!

  8. Val Valdo says:

    it’s a very very nice video…. great job!

  9. Kevin Russell says:

    I love this song. I have since it came out in the eigthies. Okay, so
    Kennedy wasn’t superman, he was just very naughty boy but the message of
    song is clear and the performances are spot on. I saw Stevie in 1987. I was
    sorry he didn’t do this.

  10. MegaArcruz says:

    @1thedarkhorse One of my most favorite songs because of the message it
    gives yes this song will always be relevant in all times. How can I put and
    share thru my facebook?

  11. Ottozerozero says:

    Um, yeah, did no one know that John Lennon was not the lead guitarist for
    The Beatles?

  12. T.L. Davis says:

    Excellent job on the visuals…goes very well with the song!!

  13. kyutboi123 says:

    i just love this song… i almost cried at the ending…. nicely done 😀

  14. 67donnalynn says:

    i honestly never thought i’d ever hear this song again. it reminds me of
    when i was an early teen, just starting to get into trouble. i am so happy
    to have found it. thanks for posting.

  15. screwdigitaldish says:

    Great song, powerful video.

  16. Dominic Alfred says:

    It was Charlene Duncan…

  17. alexander amores says:

    The message of this song is timeless…need to continue spreading it..if
    only we learn from it..then it will not go in vain..Love indeed is
    the hope for it is now..Shalom..

  18. Irene MacMillan says:

    I agree, this has to be the most powerful, most profound piece of music I
    have ever heard. Loved Charlene in the 80s, still do. The video you made
    with this is overwhelmingly potent, beautiful, sad, and all sorts of other
    adjectives I can’t think of!

  19. RozieGrace1 says:

    According to our persent president, his salvation depends on a ‘collective’
    salvation. And our country wasn’t founded on Christian values…so no, our
    current president has no soul. just my opinion

  20. Saphirebeam says:

    Thanks for posting. So moving this!

  21. CmeSusanB says:

    By the way…WONDERFUL Video job. the images are very powerful, brought me
    to tears. Thankyou for taking the time to do this. I’m sure Stevie Wonder
    would be so proud and honored by what you did.

  22. liddy453 says:

    @monicadalosdalos Who is the female singer?

  23. obiwan2112 says:

    Powerful piece of music, but a little dark to listen to too often.

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