This video Shows how an UNLOCKED Blackberry Cell Phone Can Be used with AT&T Prepaid Go Sim card Or Any GSM SIM card worldwide! This Particular Model, 6230, …
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  1. Mustafa Syed says:

    How do you add money to your account? Do you give them your credit card
    info or something?

  2. MrMaui67 says:

    Did you have to unlock the phone to use it with the prepaid sim card
    (network) or can you just pop the prepaid sim card in it and it’ll work?

  3. halofan1227 says:

    why is it orenge??

  4. youngheeziee226 says:

    does dat phone even have 2G

  5. ?????? ? says:


  6. JalissaHunn says:

    awww that looks like a baby toy!!

  7. Mr. Figgus says:


  8. geniusGameplays says:

    meaby it have hdmi wifi and 3d games to

  9. Livnlife14 says:

    What are some GSM phones you can use for this? What about Droids and

  10. Ron Diebel says:

    Can I use Blackberry Prepaid GoPhone sim with Blackberry Storm 2 (9950)?

  11. captainspacehammer says:

    Looks like a leap frog phone

  12. Cliff Prisament says:

    I love the custom color! Do you also have blue?

  13. Caleb melendez says:

    does this work on an unlocked samsung galaxy grand? i need to know

  14. Stacykebler1 says:

    looks like a calculator

  15. slimshady6913 says:

    @hitmantae92 yes as long as the phone is at&t then at&t go phone sim will
    work fine!

  16. InkTrickShotss says:

    The old-new blackberry 6230 with 0g fastest old phone yet

  17. firecrow1000 says:

    @darren55555555 they kinda suck in appearance :

  18. parabolicpawn says:

    Aww man,you shouldve hollad at me,I might have been able to help.

  19. sgtoca says:

    This phone is so cute and retro!

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