Learn how to ship boxes inside padded flat rate envelopes to save money – http://www.pickingprofitsblog.com/boxes-for-shipping-coffee-mugs-in-a-padded-flat-rate-envelope/ My Website ? http://www.

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  1. Burnpro Burn says:

    I recently got told by a usps clerk that you can’t put a box inside that
    padded enveloped and that she will take it for “that time only”. I wonder
    if this is a new policy or was she just being a jerk ??

  2. Joe Cronin Show says:

    I have a questions. I see magic the gathering cards on AMAZON for 21
    Cents. free shipping. How is this possible ? Shipping is at least 1.90 or
    so OR if you did use a stamp its 49 cents WTF are they doing ??

  3. nickyworth25 says:

    Great video. I have a question. I’m starting an online business selling
    skincare products (ie: lotions and soap). I’m trying to figure out the
    cheapest way to ship them. I don’t want customers paying $6 bucks shipping
    for a $3 bar of soap. Could I use padded envelopes for products like
    these? Any other suggestions for low cost shipping? Thx.?

  4. looknfor Chris says:

    Where can i get some cheap mailers for Usps first class. Thats cheaper s.t
    than priority?

  5. Bethlehem Martinez says:

    where and how do you print a label through the post office? is there a way?
    because printing it from ebay is a bit pricey.?


    How do i ship my xbox cheap i can’t find anything on shipping big packages.
    If i go in usps and pay them to box it and ship it they will charge a crazy
    amount and I won’t even make a profit.?

  7. Paul Calabrese says:

    Thanks. Very helpful.?

  8. Kevin Liem says:

    nice info thx bro?

  9. James Deitrich says:

    Put the label on first before you pack it.?

  10. Maurice Lee says:

    very good tip?

  11. Joydip Ghosh says:

    how to avoid printed prise in amazon product box for gifting something to

  12. Joydip Ghosh says:

    how to avoid printed prise level in amazon product box??

  13. Gary Yu says:

    why don’t you just put the label on first??

  14. Mara Barrera says:

    quick question!
    the padded yellow envelope that looks the same, but has no markings, is
    that also considered a padded flat rate envelope??

  15. shortyloves559 says:

    very awesome tip!?

  16. MARK 1 says:

    These are the prices. FLAT RATE as long as it’s under 70 Lbs. (

  17. axi ma says:

    I haven’t received my item yet by this package. Does anybody know how to
    resolve? because I ‘ve send the package from ebay to my friend who spend
    holiday in one Hotel arround Washington. When I check on website tracking
    they say my package already arrive, but in the fact there is no one. Does
    USPS can not send package to hotel room? Somebody please help me! ?

  18. JsnGFX says:

    Do the USPS Address Labels that are like a sticker work for USPS padded
    flat rate envelopes????

  19. Brad Bransky says:

    Can a thin cutting board be mailed in a padded envelope??

  20. parlatop says:

    Totally useless. Holding things up so quickly, I cannot tell what they
    are. Explanations are not detailed enough. Pictures of envelopes not
    shown along with dimensions. Just totally inadequate for a beginner like

  21. James Salvatore says:
  22. Amy Mace says:

    Yeah, I just went to two different post offices, and they both told me I
    had to order them online. I have an order on the way, but I needed one

  23. Kearney M. Funston says:

    Thanks for the tip! Is it cheaper to buy labels and print them because I
    just print them on paper and tape them on. Also- do you have any videos on
    how to upload a youtube video to my listing for beginners? I do not have an
    ebay store or a hosting website. Thanks.?

  24. danny norde says:

    Question, if I process a shipment through eBay, would that shipment show
    when I sign in to my usps.com account if I want to reprint the label? I
    know you can reprint through PayPal, but I wanted to know if there is a way
    to access it through the usps website. Thank you in advance ?

  25. RubbinRobbin says:

    is it flat rate for international as well??

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