Just a quick V-log or rather a quick rant at the bank Lloyds TSB…. They have messed my holiday right up with there stupid debit card rules…. Thinking abo…
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  1. Joe Wheeler says:

    @danstickman1 i live in essex, had about 10cm but its snowing again and
    will have more at the weekend. The shoulder rig iv built is light weight
    but you can fit loads of gear onto it lol..

  2. Joe Wheeler says:

    @rickvanman yes, as soon as I get back to London I will be taking action, I
    think the Financial Ombudsman maybe the best route to take although I did
    speak to someone at customer services at Lloyds and they said if I bring my
    phone bill in they will refund it. But that does not compensate for the
    hassle iv had here where I have not been able to use my debit card. Got the
    situation sorted now and have cash so im happy and off to Nasa space center
    tomorrow haha! thanks for watching…

  3. Joe Wheeler says:

    @danstickman1 yea Lloyds are useless, they go overboard with security. haha
    yes i looked today on bbc news and they said gatwick had been closed and
    thats where im flying into next week! might just stay here a little longer
    then i can have an excuse to go watch the last ever shuttle get launched
    from kennedy space center haha! thanks for watching and for commenting!!
    hows the track dolly?? il have a new video when i get back to london for a
    shoulder mount u can make for under £10.

  4. rickvanman says:

    That’s just disgusting Joe. I used to be with Lloyds bank years ago, but I
    left when I discovered they treat you like dirt. You should be able to get
    every penny back of your wasted money, plus compensation – don’t forget
    about trading standards, and the banking ombudsman – both can fight for
    you. Failing that, there’s always the small claims court.

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