Vemma scam? Truth Be Told About Vemma Scam Rumors! Vemma scam? Truth Be Told About Vemma Scam Rumors! So you want to know if there is a Vemma scam out there. Well I’m here to tell … for more information… Not A Scam By Any Stretch Of The Imagination The Daily Income Network as far as I’m concerned is one of the most legitimate companies…
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  1. LuisEspinozaMusic says:

    Ok heres the problem. I go on youtube looking for info about the truth of
    how this works but every time they leave it to the end and say “im gonna
    show you how it works and how to be successful” and link you to their
    website. I cant seem to find an honest unbiased person to talk about this
    its like everyone wants to sell you their product but dont want to yell you
    the truth but instead sugar coat it. So far what ive learned by watching
    people do this is that taking advantage of other peoples ignorance IS the
    way of making money. You hype them up and sell them something. You make
    cash and they just fail. ?

  2. KEEPUP says:

    If you are really motivated to do this
    AND you Have recruiting Ability
    And you are aware of the fact that it takes money to Make money
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  3. Jimmy Feng says:

    google yprpariah if you want the truth instead of this guy bsing you ?

  4. JAY MARKHAM says:

    I’m reading everyone’s post and Vemma is not a Scam. Yet, the individual
    talking about the business and trying to teach you how to make money to
    your business by internet marketing which is what he’s doing. Chikifree if
    it’s an mlm company people will say everything is a Scam the best way to
    find out what’s true and not look up the BBB check out the rating. He’s
    just teaching how to market the product more effectively rather then asking
    your friends and family make sense.?

  5. Armand G. says:

    this guy has practiced lol?

  6. DarthMadeHer says:

    “Its not a Pyramid scheme bro!” *Draws Diagram of how this business works*
    Diagram is a triangle.?

  7. cupcake says:

    what a tool, made me watch 7 minutes only to tell me to click the link to
    find the secret… which is probably something for sale.. what a tool?

  8. Caleb Herring says:

    This dude obviously isn’t successful. Take advice from someone you would
    trade bank accounts with. Connect with me 765-661-3340?

  9. Margaret McGwin says:

    Justice..u kinda cute..u single??

  10. optionaxis says:

    The best thing is how all these Vemma drones put out as many videos and
    blogs as they can about how it totally isn’t a scam. Even the kids that
    aren’t making money will keep talking about how much money somebody else is
    making and how legit it is. People are delusional.?

  11. Margaret McGwin says:

    2 Words…Pyramid Scam?

  12. Gabriel Guillen says:

    Your a fucking tool. You’re worthless, it’s a scheme that you a probably a
    part of?

  13. Omer Zafar says:

    i love that question. Monster and Redbull are cheaper cuz they are made of
    of shit. they are so bad for you, even they admit it. the reason verve is
    3$ a can is cuz its good for you. the ingerdients are all natural and yet
    it still tatses good. so if its tasty and healthy, it aint gonna be cheap.
    but that s where your desicion comes in, what would you rather have? if you
    want to know more about vemma, the truth and all your questions answered,
    call/text me at 248-885-4207

  14. Kevin Kincade Sr. says:

    you guys need to take a look at a YouTube video called illegal Pyramids vs.
    Legal Multilevel Marketing Companies so you will know the difference
    between an illegal pyramid and a well designed network marketing company.
    For a company that’s been around 8 plus years and called it a illegal
    pyramid you guys need to take a look. The company you work for right now is
    a pyramid scheme. MLM is not for everyone.

  15. Buckley Brown says:

    Vemma is a scam, in order for the company to make a profit a majority of
    vemma “reps” must fail in making back their initial payment to join. Can
    you make money in Vemma? Sure. Are you going to make hundreds of thousands
    of dollars and never have to work again? 99.9% of the time the answer will
    be no. Seriously guys, get a real job, continue your education, there’s way
    more money to be had if you simply work your ass off instead if trying to
    find some kind of shortcut.

  16. Tom Bosson says:

    Ethan, I don’t think you quite understand. Vemma works with a point system
    that requires you to have 360 points on one leg and 180 points on the other
    in order to cycle. It does not matter whether your points come from your
    recruited distributor (or Brand Partners) or your enrolled customers.
    Therefore the reward is not greater, as your implying, it’s the same!

  17. riley alexander says:

    my brother works with vemma and it is NOT a scam i love vemma

  18. Alex Roque says:


  19. Kvein elevin says:

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