This is a quick review of the mobile wi-fi spot from Verizon I’m using now in my trucking work for Internet access in the USA.
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This local TV commercial has made it to national TV via the Ellen Degeneres show. This is the extended version.

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  1. g1cast says:

    man your review of products is very effective. I’m not even a trucker but
    it is interesting to know the tools you guys use.

  2. Raylenn Phoenix says:

    Oooohh, good good. I know nothing about them, so wasn’t sure if that was
    something to be concerned about. Glad it’s working well for you, the only
    thing similar that I looked at was from rogers and seemed a little pricey
    for what you get.

  3. Sergei Dratchev says:

    I like it. Some places it works in 4G (usually big cities), right now I’m
    in a small town called Torrington, WY and it’s 3G but the hotspot uploads
    and downloads pretty good. I’m happy with it. You don’t have to sign a 2
    year contract but then the device will cost more than 49 bucks upfront. I’m
    on the 2 year deal.

  4. Sergei Dratchev says:

    Nowadays you cannot be a trucker and NOT have Internet access in the truck.
    I look for my loads via Internet and I deliver loads I scan the signed
    paperwork and send them over to my company via Internet. I can’t rely on
    free Wi-Fi. I need something reliable, something I know has a 99.99% uptime

  5. Andrew Ward says:

    chicago ill….that my town…lol….

  6. Sergei Dratchev says:

    I don’t like trucking through Chicago IL but these toll oasis places are
    great. They have limited parking for trucks but if you manage to get a
    spot, access to Starbucks coffee and free Wi-Fi is guaranteed. Toll dollars
    at work 😉

  7. Andrew Ward says:

    is there a monthly fee for that??

  8. Sergei Dratchev says:

    I answered that in the Comments below. See Verizon Wireless website for
    more info.

  9. vtwinbreed says:

    I thought I recognized that archway

  10. Raylenn Phoenix says:

    If you have that thing on in your truck, does that mean other drivers could
    connect to it too? and could you make the hotspot encrypted so only your
    computer can use it? it dident look like it had much for an interface to
    set things like that up. (id be worried about the useage fee’s going up
    simply because others can access it is all)

  11. Chris Yarzab says:

    I would hate to see this place go. I would like to meet this guy. I wonder
    if the place is still there.?

  12. Todd Tabern says:

    *It’s just like a mini mall!*

    Oldie but goodie. :)?

  13. Admercial says:

    Okay, there is NO reason for that parking lot to be empty!?

  14. TurdFurgeson571 says:

    Available on iTunes? ?

  15. 03bgood says:

    I Love The 2000s brought me here!

    Can’t believe this was made in 2006 but it looks so 1986!?

  16. Juni says:

    I’m sorry, what is this flea market similar to??

  17. HyperRaiden73 says:

    The sad thing is this is the only thing that town has.?

  18. Dee Bee says:

    (Popping and/or Locking)?

  19. A BeeCee says:

    Quality. Still have a good old dance to this.?

  20. Big Bob's Beepers says:

    fuck this is the best video on the tube?

  21. ~Jezzica Nightfire~ says:

    Its just like, its just like a Mini Moe XD Montgomery Mini moe XD?

  22. Wes Taylor says:


    It’s just like a mini mall.?

  23. Nicolas Charbonnier says:

    Flea Market Montgomery just got his Google+ invite..

    We got it, you need it, you find it. Flea Market Montgomery.?

  24. Boogster Su says:

    I wonder if this business is still open. ?

  25. darksouls45688 says:

    CLeveland brown!?

  26. stockjonebills says:

    This never ends being epic.?

  27. offic3space says:

    There goes your blackcard.?

  28. Care Smith says:

    it just like its just like a MINI MALL!!!?

  29. Jon Emberson says:

    That’s the guy who does a poor credit car dealer in Tulsa..?

  30. Zkull says:

    His eyes………… ?

  31. Ouroboros says:

    I just noticed the ceiling panels… haha.?

  32. Lisa Shepherd says:

    Anyone with this much personality deserves my business!?

  33. Hilah Johnson says:

    Ahaha! I was just reminded of this most excellent commercial last night.
    Check it.

    Especially you, +Christopher Sharpe.?

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