VERIZON Prepaid CELL Phone – This Phone works EVERYWHERE! We do a lot of traveling and the Verizon prepaid cell phone works the best in the mountains or near…

Debts are prepaid can you discharge it? Our sins were prepaid for on the cross we just need to accept the Masiyach, our debts can be discharged because we we…

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  1. Cap'nLucyHacke says:

    You’re the best LHLady?

  2. Angelique Jones says:

    The phone is great.The workers are too SNOOTY at Atlantic Mall!?

  3. lenty2000 says:

    Great info! Thanks

  4. countrychloe says:

    Cool :)

  5. henrycems says:

    A cool looking flip phone thanks.

  6. altecman21 says:

    not bad Liked it!!!

  7. Nalin Perera says:

    Hay….che bello telefonino…is this italian???

  8. Seth Finley's Official YouTube Channel says:

    hope it works out great for ya, lighthouselady!:)

  9. indyme2 says:

    Thanks for the info.

  10. manolisvlog says:

    Really interesting!

  11. saltyshellback says:

    I have a company paid phone with Verizon service, and it has good reception
    everywhere except where I work and at my house…lol

  12. Christian Adventure Films says:

    Thanks for the info. Sounds like a good deal, especially if you can’t get
    service with your regular phone. God Bless.

  13. Juanelo1946 says:

    You are very, very good at doing these reviews! I like the idea of having
    an extra phone like this for those weak areas where your regular phone may
    not work well.

  14. Wise Snake says:

    Helpful information.

  15. yllekr123 says:

    I have verizon as a service provider.

  16. Devin Larue says:

    Do u live in a lighthouse?

  17. bluesharp59 says:

    Nice ! Liked !

  18. SpecificLove says:

    Looks like a good phone

  19. TUCKER ZONE says:

    Great Share ;0))

  20. Tyler D says:

    cool good price

  21. jmmurdy says:

    Nice video…love prepaid phones. You can pickup precards when your out and
    about no contracts.

  22. Appalachian Freedom Outdoors says:

    Great tip!

  23. Virginia McJunkin says:

    Most people around here say they can’t get a good signal with verizon !

  24. alysiamonet says:

    isaiah 42:8?

  25. Jasim B says:

    How do I learn how to discharge? how do I apply/fill out UCC-1 and take
    back my rights?!?

  26. cowboyuphi says:

    Always a pleasure listening to you. I like a people that can credit God in
    all aspects of life and a people that take their time to learn the laws.
    Always proving that God’s law stands while man’s law is constantly changing
    to fit his pocketbook. ?

  27. nate Jaterka says:

    and alls anyone of us have to do is call the social security dept. an tell
    them you wish that they revoke and or resend the power of attorney from the
    sate thus making you a free man its that easy its not an esoteric illusion
    its the agenda of gnostic live natural live free its only gonna get worse
    if you stay apart of the united states of america an you can look it up
    where all one big corperation its a peivatley owned company look it up this
    is only america if you rid yourself the states power of attoeney?

  28. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

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  29. Shawnee Bey says:

    Thanx brotha. Shalom

  30. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

    @TheMightySovereign Just as hibernating bears and migrating whales, as well
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  31. Kevin Fisher says:

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  32. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

    @genzigg386 once you get your strength back try fasting brother . i try to
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  33. Kevin Fisher says:

    I want the knowledge man.

  34. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

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  35. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

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  36. genzigg386 says:

    easily understandable,thank you..please keep making vids..i have been
    pretty sick as of late,so i have lots of info to go through..peace to you
    and yours


    He he he he…(WOW)??? did i miss it????

  38. SmokeNoMore says:

    at the end was that a brain freeze?

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