That’s right the party is over. Verizon has killed the unlimited data for basic phones killing the flashes to Verizon Prepaid. What do you think about the ch…
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  1. Isaac mondragon says:

    I think we should find better wifi connection solutions like europe having
    wifi all over the place on open network connection with the sole intent to
    independent our self from these abusive corporate phone companies over
    charging for data! build home DIY towers and share your home network,
    this will encourage data users to self rely on alternative internet
    connections and give the boot cel phone carriers. the more people that can
    connect for free the less it will be the need for overprice data. USA!

  2. YottaGraham says:

    I’m using this plan and definitely still have unlimited.?

  3. ASonOfGod says:

    Wow that’s expensive. Are they greedy or what.?

  4. awd111980 says:

    Verizon sucks hands down. Yes their coverage for me anyway is better than
    T-Mobile but I wish T-Mobile or Sprint would just knock them out of the #1
    spot. Corporate greed. ?

  5. JSantana319 says:

    Verizon is digging their own grave. Nuff said!!?

  6. Brandon Benard says:

    Is that notification you have a new notification shade the immersive mode
    application I love that hides on screen buttons without rooting she can
    take a full advantage of 5 inch or 7 inch screen on your Nexus 5 or 7?

  7. TorahServantYAH says:

    I’m flashed to Verizon. Although it’s BS with there data. I’m honestly
    getting better signal than I was with Boost. I live along the border of US
    waaay in the country I used to get frequent dropped calls with hardly a bar
    with Boost with Verizon I’m honestly getting two bars at times three
    haven’t had any dropped call as of yet. I’m not a big time data consumer
    but I’m honestly pretty happy with Verizon as of now.?

  8. Emmanuel Blount says:

    Verizon is starting to act like Straight Talk, Tracfone Wireless and Net 10
    with there data packages. I hope Sprint comes back and blows them out the
    water soon. This is unheard of. You take away unlimited data on contracts
    then you take away from basic phones. Somebody is fucking up. BIG TIME?

  9. Jim Sippell says:

    definitely bullshit but not surprising. i’m shocked they had unlimited data
    at all. $45 for unlimited talk and txt is still cheaper than their normal
    plans which are $60+tax?

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