Verizon sucks because they offer busted-up refurbished phones when y…
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Vmobile Norma Tumindig MOBILE#: Roaming (smart) +63918.259.74.03 KUWAIT: +965.5029.93.62 why Vmobile?………… .NO SELLING NO RE…
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  1. Jeffrey McCall says:

    We’ll You will flip when you here this, I was thrown out of a Verizon store
    today in my local town. They almost had to call the police. I wished my
    iPhone was video taping this one. So Verizon knows what kind of idiots they
    have working for them. Yesterday I checked my bill which it is past due why
    because I refuse to pay the stupid jet pack that I did not sign up for. So
    I looked at the bill and it was 275 dollars up to 767 dollars in 24 hours
    time. So I stopped into the store a once I get in the door it was busy and
    two gentlemen where standing there with iPads in their hand and instead of
    helping people they were checking customers in and they were telling people
    that it will be 20 to 40 minute wait. Instead of checking people in they
    should be helping customers instead of standing and looking at the four
    walls. When it was time for me to get the poor service. They told me that a
    early term fee was applied for 500 dollars. I was pissed. So I said I will
    settle this bill by paying 100 dollars to clear up this mess and then the
    manager told me are you kidding right! I said no. He then tells me that we
    are not settling that amount. Then I asked for a copy of the charges so I
    can send it to my lawyer. This it where it gets even better. I told the
    manager that from this point moving forward you are not getting one single
    penny out of me. He in turn said that in order for us to release the copy
    of the bill my attorney will have to come into the store and get it
    himself. I said this is how you treat customers by just standing around and
    sitting there with your little iPad. I said your customer service is
    f#$$#ig joke. Then he said follow me. And to the door I go. Before getting
    kicked out I yelled at him and said my attorneys name and number and then
    he said to my face that he was tired of my SHIT! Yes in front of customers
    with children. This was a store in Saint Cloud MN. Finally he Bolted the
    door open and I walked out and I told this ignorant manager to go and
    F#$#$K himself. That was it. Back to Sprint I got where they have more self
    respect than Verizon. Sprint has red carpet service they treat me nice. and
    I don’t get snookered into something I did not authorize. Verizon I will be
    filing a complaint with the BBB.?

  2. Christopher King says:

    Layperson: “This is exactly it… manufacturer bullshit or not you endorsed
    the product by selling it in your showroom.” Lawyer: “Breach of Warranty of

  3. TheMallax says:

    I have a question. Why is it that you think you are entitled to tell other
    people what they are gonna do? Do you go into a grocery store and say,
    “I’ve been shopping here for half my life so I see this milk costs $2 but
    I’m gonna give you $1 and your gonna like it because I’ve shopped here half
    my life.” Where do you get this sense of entitlement? Did they not offer to
    replace your phone? So its not that they didnt help you its that you didnt
    get what you think you deserved.

  4. t4705mb6 says:

    Got fed up after Reagan’s “trickle down”. We got trickle down criminality!
    When I was working PR at BEST WESTERN I got a letter from the Reagan white
    house “suggesting” we reduce ALL “lower associate” hrs to 20 a wk & hire
    more people so the administration could say it had increased employment!
    (They said we then wouldn’t have to pay benefits! How cruel!) Once I
    started my own Co. I did GREAT….. by treating people right! I retired at
    53! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

  5. t4705mb6 says:

    Was that SNL Molly Helen Shannon? If so, I met her in Boston at the PLAZA
    during a wedding. My girlfriend’s cousin (a politician) had his reception
    there. Molly reminded be SOOO much of my younger sister – always “on”.
    Hmmmm. Small world. my eldest daughter graduated from Harvard Law – she
    works pro-Bono for the homeless in Atlanta. Are you in MA now? I grew up In

  6. Christopher King says:

    I just love making movies! And you can tell. -The KingCaster.

  7. 1775novten says:

    What happened when the popos showed up?

  8. Christopher King says:

    Full rescission.

  9. ArrestAJudgeKit says:

    Chris, loved this video! End credits – hilarious! No surprise that a cop
    comes to Verizion’s beck and call, huh?

  10. Christopher King says:

    OMG I just found out the victim bought an iPhone and they were going to
    knock $120 off her data plan for the year so that would equate to what we
    discussed i.e. $100.00 off the so-called “subsidized” phone. Then she gets
    to the store today to buy it and the weasel manager Anthony runs and hides
    and there is a new $40 activation fee when you already have a plan, plus
    the $30 in tax these people fucking suck donkey dick.

  11. t4705mb6 says:

    I was a “K” (asst mngr) for a Super K-Mart in Daytona in the ’70s. THEN
    “service” was …. WOW! An older man returned a rusted dirty Kresge water
    pump from 1934 &.. we REFUNDED HIS MONEY! If a customer was REALLY upset
    with a purchase we had to drive to their home with a dozen red roses &
    apologize …in PERSON! We even took ‘returns’ that weren’t ours! I have
    never had a cell phone. I refused a “beeper” in the ’80s, a tracker badge
    in the ’90s & had the black box removed from my car. “F” ’em!

  12. t4705mb6 says:

    YES! I remember that a-hole! Supply Side Economics & Financial
    Decision-Making for the 80s – right? That IS…..disturbing! Well, we (as a
    nation,) trotted right into that cesspool! So, you’re from Ohio? The mega
    fortune 250 corp. I worked for was next door in SE Indiana! But Laffer’s
    mom was a politician & he went to YALE, right? Explains a LOT! If what you
    do for “work” makes you happy – I’m ALL for it! Peace, brother!

  13. Christopher King says:

    Wow good for you, perhaps i will find my own way like that and retire in
    any event I am at least doing what I love, and no one can take that from
    me. The rest will follow in Due Course. BTW You ain’t got nothing on my
    Arthur Laffer went to my high school, now isn’t THAT disturbing……
    Tinkle down economics… don’t ya know Voodoo Chile….

  14. Christopher King says:

    I’m 47 and old enough to remember practicing similar policies. We need to
    press on with these vids and shame these fokkers into submission. As I say
    not to mention how much money I have made Verizon (and all carriers) in my
    career on leasing, contracts, site plan review, zoning….. Peace.

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