Thanks to for making this film! On September 2 and 3, 2009, the Constitutional Court of South Africa will hear the final appeal in a case brought by five Soweto residents…
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  1. 1970dpr says:

    I do not agree to people being limited to any amount of water ass long as
    they are not purposely wasting it.25 ltrs is way too little. My point is
    that people should pay for the infrastructure, ie water pipes, maintenance
    and water testing.

  2. 1970dpr says:

    “big suburbs ” may not have prepaid meters installed because they pay their
    monthly accounts for water AND electricity and do not demand free free free
    everything.Work and pay for it. If you want it free fetch it yourself from
    a river. Beware the crocs tho!

  3. uusc4all says:

    Hi 1970dpr. Thanks for writing. The people of Phiri don’t expect everything
    free- there is a constitutional guarantee to water in South Africa, and
    they are fighting for this guarantee. They demand no more than the amount
    slotted for basic human dignity.

  4. Robert Ndlovu says:

    You are funny indeed .Yes water is a human right,But mind you has to
    collected purified and transported to the end user safely.These are the
    same people who cry fould if they receive dirty water.Profit NO.But the
    costs of paying water works must be borne by who ? This culture of FREE
    stuff must end.

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