If you have been considering buying or selling a home – you will need to know what closing costs are and who is responsible for what. We have just completed this…
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Steps: 1. Goto the referral code (Below) And create a new account. Code: (This code is for Riot Employees so they can get…
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  1. Isaac Turner says:

    Hey guys, This does not seem to be working anylonger. Ill upload a new
    video shortly that will work better. Sorry to the problems <3?

  2. Take Dynamiic says:


  3. Phamtoml0rd trolls says:

    boobeykill – booheykill????

  4. Isaac Turner says:

    If you have any questions or problems, Feel free to let me know. I’ll be
    happy to help you resolve them!?

  5. Braamberg says:

    nice way to earn referals mate :)?

  6. Dany Lau says:

    hey it doesnt work can you help me im lvl 10 but i dont recive the rp why??
    help me?

  7. LegendaryGamer says:

    most it be 1 day XP boost bcus i buy 10 win
    XP boost?

  8. Andreas Overn says:

    Does it still work today? What is the waiting time for the RP??

  9. Georgi Atanasov says:

    this guy is a genius! enjoy your free reverals !!?

  10. NYXmudkip says:

    does it still work?

  11. ll ll says:

    it doesnt work >.<”?

  12. Turbo Theo says:

    At this point you still wont have your RP, All you need to do is too click
    the shop button, Then it will update…mean ? explain pls ..?

  13. jimkillerx says:

    does it work??

  14. Yuma I. says:

    DidnĀ“t worked …… Played on my Acc for like 5h….?

  15. Rocstar Rea says:


  16. Isaac Turner says:

    Glad to see it working!?

  17. Trudy Brackins says:

    It worked! This is sooo great! Thanks so much!?

  18. Netaclan Softworx says:

    Wow! Thank you SO much! I can’t believe it worked!?

  19. Tomaleloco says:

    does it still work?

  20. animedragon1215 says:

    Does it still work if you log out many time before reaching 10?

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