. Dennis Karganilla’s MLM Goldmine’s MLM coaching and MLM mentoring program for web 2.0 training can be used to generate leads for …

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  1. ANDYRMURRAY says:

    Thanks for the video robin , inspiring as ever peace and love Andy Murray

  2. TiltmanPJF says:

    Do you know what this is? || | | | | | | | | | | |____________| For those
    who don’t, it’s a pyramid. MLM…Multi Level Marketing. Here’s the thing,
    the “founder” might stand to earn money. All those little people that these
    salesmen suck into the “exciting and rewrding” new ventures, websites, and
    products are ripped off. Find out how much it costs, upfront to join. When
    they give you a dollar amount, leave.

  3. mlmbehindthesecret says:

    Robin, this is a GOOD LOOK! i am very happy for you and i will be praying
    God’s blessings for you as you continue on. Can’t wait for your continued
    favor. i will be celebrating with ya! Peace, Vincent Redd

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