The Harvard Business School did a study on What to look for in a Network marketing Company before you join. acn mlm arbonne mlm… Get your FREE cash now. or find out more about steve hirsch “uvme” uvme uvme uvme uvme uvm…
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  1. Alejandro SaborĂ­o says:

    Hallo, may I have the title of the study or the link to it?? I have been
    trying to find it but no luck yet…?

  2. 3waybar says:

    dude…. ehhhh….. whats the purpose of this video…

  3. Sandy A says:

    My google search led me to a Harvard Business School case study on Miracle
    Life which is a MLM company. Didn’t take but a couple of clicks to get
    there . . .

  4. danielsolen says:


  5. cxns155 says:

    Disliked. The Harvard Business School “study” is nothing but a myth. A
    simple Google search will prove this.

  6. domepaddy says:

    @MLMsellsSnakeOil You have an idea of what a pyramid scheme is do you? Give
    the definition, and not YOUR opinion. Gets us some REAL KNOWLEDGE.
    Diversity in incomes, if it is a legtimate product and service in network
    marketing is a KNOWN obscene income. Millionaires that have been created in
    many, but NOT all. They are sure NOT a figment of imagination. Now…go
    back to your job, and keep working hard. You’re too busy to be slamming
    other on what you have NO idea of what you even speak about.

  7. domepaddy says:

    @secretmillionaire100 Link to the article. People can get on the internet
    anywhere, and SAY whatever they want to say. Losers do a lot of that. They
    aren’t smart enough to be a hacker, so they cause trouble. The internet has
    MANY lairs on it.

  8. David Ledet says:

    Harvard has absolutely nothing to do with MLM. It’s a myth created by the
    very desperate MLM industry.

  9. themoneyzoneuvme says:

    Steve this is you……….I’m pumped to see the personality come
    out……Love it and the message! Steve aka-theFBIguy Devin

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