– We all know the story. Sally joins an MLM company. She talks to all of her friends and family. Maybe signs up a few people….
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Why Unemployed People and Millionaires Choose Gano Excel This video explains why to choose Gano Excel.

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  1. tony_ang says:

    you are right 99% of them are useless

  2. Donald Schnell says:

    Great information on MLM’s Rachel.

  3. NeverChaseLeads says:

    Hi Rachel – you bring up some good points on lead generation but there are
    different ways to buy leads and not all leads companies are the same. I
    agree that 99% of them are useless and a waste of time. I for one had a
    very hard time for years not being able to talk to enough people everyday
    as I need a lot since I have been full time for over 15 years… and yes,
    there are some great ways to generate your own leads as long as you have
    the time to do so. Take care.

  4. annalaura brown says:

    great points. I will say though that if you do want to buy leads I
    recommend I’ve tried a lot of leads and these ones are the
    best ones. The people are not looking for a job and they are sold maybe
    three times at the most. Anyway just a tip and no I’m not a big fan of
    buying leads. I’m just saying that if you do feel the need to buy some they
    are the best ones.

  5. Abel F Vargas says:

    Hi Rachel.. Totally true. I joined the Empower Network and that is exactly
    what they say there as well. Check it out and let me know what you think.
    :) I can send you the link and check it out !!!

  6. simmsseo says:

    Thanks again for the great info, love your videos

  7. Rachel Jackson says:

    @michaeltmak …well being your own boss, a true Entrepreneur requires a
    new set of skils. Whether that’s prospecting, sales, marketing. For me I
    learned how to market myself online. I outsourced to techy stuff and
    focused on creating my brand, value, and content for my viewership. That’s
    been key to my success in creating a list and leads!

  8. Anthony Frye says:

    Great information Rachel. This may seem obvious to us marketers, but most
    people still buy MLM leads. Everyone should focus on generating your very
    own RICH leads. Attraction marketing is the best way to go. Let’s connect
    some time. Keep it up Rachel!

  9. iONE Life says:

    invest a recording microphone.

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