Question by Prince Markie Dee: Will someone please help me confirm this email message my cousin received in his inbox as a scam for me?
He received this email message Friday and he is about to fall for it. It reeks SCAM. What in the heck is a part-time overseas associate? The term ‘overseas’ was what caught my attention but my younger actually thinks it is legit. I don’t.

Here is the message (letter) via She listed herself as ‘job poster’.

Dear Candidate,

We have come to the conclusion that you are perfectly fit for our open position, as a part time overseas associate.

Our company needs a person, who has at least 2 hours per day, able to print 200-500 invoices per day.

We support all expenses, including shipping fees, printer hardware, ink, paper and envelopes. We offer 0.30 US Dollars per invoice printed and shipped, with a guarantee $ 1,800.00 salary per month.

We have at least 200 invoices to print daily for our US clients and it takes 1 hour to print 500.

Your job will be to print our invoices and ship those using Fedex mailing services, using the company’s prepaid account. You can choose to receive the invoices in the morning or evening.


– Working from home…

– Flexible program-2 hours anytime on the day.

– No selling; No telemarketing; No hot calls.

– Checking e-mail, printing invoices, ship the invoices.


– US citizen or permanent residence/green card

– Internet access for sending and receiving e-mails

– Two free hours daily, not including weekends.

If you are interested on starting collaboration with our company then reply with answer to the following question:

Do you know how to use a printer and how to change ink cartridge?

Kind regards

Ms. Jessica Urben

End of letter.

He thinks since the message arrived in his regular inbox and not in spam box that the job offer is legit. I told him that means NOTHING.

Now please convince my idiot cousin that this is a scam.

Thank you.

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Answer by Bob17
Sounds like a scam

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