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  1. Shieena Living Waters says:

    When Winston spoke of the History of UCC, etc & Liens & Levy’s he was not
    speaking specifically about OPPT. He was giving a history, education
    out the OPPT filings for yourself.Then go to Washington Superior Ct. Find
    the LAWSUIT by the TRUSTEES. The Government parties didn’t show.Then they
    took that and filed with the UCC & served courtesy notices giving them
    another 90 days.Tell me where Winston said that OPPT wasn’t good?

  2. Shieena Living Waters says:

    the UCC#’s are supposedly what gives the trust it’s wheels. So please- I am
    so tired of hearing opinion of what “I do, I know” If you want to help what
    is now over a 1m people than you need to tear apart the trust and the UCC!

  3. Shieena Living Waters says:

    I wasn’t commenting to you, but rather stating that before you call a bunch
    of people idiots you would have to rip the trust apart. But from what I
    hear from Winston, the trust has some value but he has some concerns. That
    isn’t calling it bogus neither is it calling it prime. I respect Winston
    but frustrated at how people take opinions or education and then somehow
    make a leap to proclaiming “Winston say the Trust is BS”.

  4. Clive-Albert Dodd says:

    I don’t know if Winston will check this channel.

  5. Shieena Living Waters says:

    Did you read my comment or any other comment? Winston – trying to educate
    about the UCC & process…I looked at some of things & so on so forth on
    their website… in essence from what I’ve seen; perhaps some things that
    could be done to strengthen the effort.. is this right or wrong …perhaps
    those are some of the things we can talk about today” But of all the
    comments now proclaiming a victory against oppt, you pick out mine? Tell
    those who are telling OPPT supports we are idiots..

  6. Shieena Living Waters says:

    I want to know the real problems. I admittedly have a pet peave with people
    who state opinion as fact or fact without supporting documentation. I WANT
    to know but the more people who regurgitate (not you) other people’s
    presentations or other people’s blogs (sheeple of YT~ again, NOT YOU) they
    only lend to give more credit to OPPT. You are a smart lady. Can you not at
    least see the point I am making? Heather claims she is a UCC lawyer, gives
    LEGAL reasons OPPT is legal. SO, show the error!

  7. Shieena Living Waters says:

    Every lawful, legal system must provide a remedy without prejudice or
    exception, & if their is no remedy available to one or all, the system is
    illegal, as a matter of LAW, fact & public policy. Since the powers refused
    to provide the remedy or when remedy preserved is unlawfully and illegally
    denied…the remedy is no longer preserved & the system is rendered illegal
    as a MATTER OF LAW,FACE & PUBLIC POLICY. They chose to not cure their
    mistake so confirmed intentional default;i.e foreclosed.

  8. Shieena Living Waters says:

    I have read all of the UCC filing statements, documents~ where can I find
    $5? I have a UCC folder on my computer, did word search “5, $5, Five”~ no
    results. To the matter of “lien” which Winston says was not done
    correctly…a lien was not the appropriate application/process to recover
    value and assets (BE’ing stolen through tool of straw man representation)
    that are commandeered and stolen: lien:A right to keep property belonging
    to another person until a debt is paid. (cont’d)

  9. Johnny Padilla says:

    One of the most valuable tools any of us can have is the ability to file
    liens against those that damage us in any way shape or form – the proper
    proceedure to sign – seal and deliver the process as I have recently
    learned…. the hoops and terminology roadblocks to jump was a challange –
    help us be more clear on the matter and help all.

  10. Kimarie Teter says:

    ((( In LaK’ech )))

  11. African1939 says:

    I wonder when all of these geniuses will be humble enough to set their egos
    aside long enough to see that it is inhumane to let people remain in
    slavery to the Matrix when it is within their power to show the enslaved
    the way to relative freedom. Why are they any different than those geniuses
    that created this Matrix in the first place? IMHO. Peace.

  12. whitefly2 says:

    this lady ruins the information with her poor interview skills.

  13. Shieena Living Waters says:

    Come on Linda “**** TELL THOSE *** who are telling OPPT supporters that we
    are idiots” is not saying YOU. ALSO ” I want you to help what is now over a
    1m people & asked you to tear apart the trust & misapplication of their UCC
    claims~ SIMPLY put: My friend asked for my recipe for cookies BUT she said
    the cookies weren’t as good as mine. So I looked at the Recipe I wrote down
    on paper & discovered my error in measurement. Why do you say that you have
    no interest in tearing it apart?

  14. Clive-Albert Dodd says:

    I have asked Linda to check this youtube channel a few times a week as I
    just reformat the show and put it on my youtube channel, so hopefully she
    will show up here and address your posts.

  15. Shieena Living Waters says:

    that is- commenting toward others on this feed.

  16. crowdiver freeman says:


  17. TheIronmike123 says:

    THANKS, Linda, John, Miles and Winston. We need to do more info trading.I
    hope the program of pulling the straight line of truth in play. Moving
    ahead to hold the people acountable for their blunders. In the past, France
    people rebelled in the 1850`s to through out the rich and over bearing
    dicktaters. Well, I wish everyone love and peace to all the good people of
    the world. Later

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