Concern by athorgarak: would these changes support to discourage illegals from remaining and other folks from selecting to appear?
one. Evidence of legal standing (verifiable on the web in seconds if the federal government wished it to be) for ALL of the following activities
a. sending money out of the country
b. attending schools/daycare, and so on…
c. leasing, leasing, or acquiring a area to reside (like lodges and motels)
d. purchasing or leasing a motor vehicle (producing a adjust of title)
e. banking (including financial loans and prepaid Visa/MC playing cards)
f. submitting lawsuits
g. healthcare companies (other that life threaening situations)
h. utilities (mobile phone, electrical, h2o, gas, cable etc…)

All that would have to be completed is for the US federal government to have scans of the issued document offered with a quick checklist of permitted actions. Then support companies could immediately know if this person was permitted or disallowed to take part in the sought after exercise.
the servers could have a created in software to inform people shecking as to particular warnings (and notify immigration also) like this particular person is at present leasing in an additional point out etc…

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Solution by JOHN D
That would definitely support but would have to be executed slowly over several several years to avoid significant economic and social issues.

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