Yes, my car spits fire on demand. It’s great for tailgaters! I can only imagine how big the fireballs would be if I was running E85. The 2010 WRX is stage 2 …
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  1. Anid Turan says:

    kinger124 how man washers are installed in ur turbo Xs bov just wondering I
    pretty much have same setup catless invidia dp Cobb sf intake and invidia
    n1 race exhaust pretty much straight pipe with muffler and torqued
    performance stage 2 map love the car btw urs is awsome?

  2. Cindy S. says:

    Yeah i like fire its so cool?

  3. David Hodges says:

    My best friend just bought a 2012 wrx and he wants his wrx to sound like

  4. brunoWoWps says:

    Tell me.. Anti-lag plus Straight pipe means flames ??

  5. dt0818 says:

    My 2008 sti does this as’s so addicting to do

  6. Fubar231 says:

    Indeed it does. Wouldnt believe how far some people will stay back once
    they see your car spittin fire.

  7. Kinger124's Car Channel says:

    I’ve had the same reaction haha. However mine are not 3-4 foot

  8. Fubar231 says:

    I do this all the time when people get up on the ass of my camaro, hit the
    two step and shoot 3-4ft flames right into the front of there car.

  9. 370Zforme says:

    I’m just a basic stage 2 right now. AP, Catted downpipe, Q300, SF Intake,
    Grimmspeed heat shield. He was telling me that on the STI’s he has been
    doing that for the past 2 months and has been having good luck but idk
    cause no other shop like COBB has recommended that to me. So many shops
    have such different opinions it is hard to know what to follow anymore.

  10. chaseme92 says:

    Hey are you running a catted or catless downpipe?

  11. Kinger124's Car Channel says:

    Shooting fireballs isn’t exactly a good thing to do all the time. For the
    stalling and vac problem I’d refer you to NASIOC and ask someone there.
    Good luck

  12. Kinger124's Car Channel says:

    All turboXS from the turbo back

  13. Kinger124's Car Channel says:

    You sir, Are a winner

  14. Kinger124's Car Channel says:

    Yes, downpipe. Main reason I can get it to spit flames is due to a hybrid
    bypass valve. That’s the ONLY reason I’m keeping it on. I don’t care for
    the sounds they make WOT.

  15. rpi9 says:

    It’s because STi’s have a fuel stumble issue around 2800-3k area. 09+ WRX’s
    don’t have this issue. The cheapest way to cure this is to add the 3 ft of
    fuel line as Eric from TP suggested. A lot of STI’s are running this
    modification 370Zforme it’s nothing to be worried about. ZIp tie it up and
    out of the way.

  16. TomTheTeck says:

    what exhaust? What DP? stock turbo?

  17. chemguy90 says:

    looks like you’re running a bit rich there bud! Was the TP map OTS or they
    actually pro-tuned your car? I had a Cobb stage 2 + sf OTS map on my ’11
    subie and I used to backfire a lot…. until I got the pro-tune

  18. Kinger124's Car Channel says:


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