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  1. syed alihasani says:

    i m here for money not for the product.i join pay$154.95 and earning about
    $5000 per month.my concern is money, f**uk u TheMlmradioshow?

  2. Brandon Wade says:

    is that it.. the cruise wasnt free.?

  3. gregorydc1218 says:

    People should just focus their business instead of tearing down others.
    Anybody can find positive/negative in any business. But I have yet to see
    ANYTHING that says FREE from Xplocial. Make your money, if any from the
    POTION you sell and we’ll make our money. Make sure before you try to
    discredit someone else business yours is 100%…..which it is
    NOT!!…..wake up now..lol?

  4. Dawn Frazier says:

    +MLMRadioShow I understand that you are trying to look out for people by
    uncovering SCAMS; and I was on board with you up until I looked at the
    dates of the ripoff reports. In most of the cases, especially the page you
    used as an example, those reports were over a year old. I’m not saying that
    things have or haven’t changed with the company because I am not a member
    of any of these network companies, however I do find that most people that
    try to “help” others by demonizing these companies don’t do thorough
    research themselves. You published this in July of 2013 and every report
    was was dated more than a year before that. Did you check to see when this
    company began? Most companies struggle with customer service and with
    perfecting their product line within the first 5 years of business. Why
    didnt you Google “Xplocial 2013″ to get a more accurate account of recent
    complaints? All I am saying is that these companies have their benefits and
    detriments. Is there money to be made? YES. Are their stipulations with
    utilizing the products? Of course. That doesn’t mean that the company is
    SCAMMING people. As I stated before, my only issue here is that you didn’t
    do a more thorough investigation on the company, so you ended up sharing
    half-assed information without obtaining the best and most accurate facts
    available. Thats it. I apologize if you feel as if I attacked you because
    that is and was not the intention.?

  5. TravelLady says:

    From what I’ve heard, WakeUpNow isn’t legit either…?

  6. Shre Khanal says:

    This is a pyramid scheme. ?

  7. Sheena Moses says:

    we use these coupons all the time, our discounts are real. So unless you
    have actually tried to use it, you really have no means for your report. I
    am single mother of two, and Xplocial has completely changed my life along
    with so many others. I would have you to know, since you are a wake up now
    affiliate, that many of your business owners work with us as well. So this
    is obviously not the belief of your company or it’s affiliates, only those
    who are trying desperately to compete when we should all just work

  8. laurA lovE says:

    You make no sense retard! How in the hell would you know your not apart of
    xplocial are you? Alright then! I truly cannot stand meddelin people
    xplocial is one of the realist big companies so far and I am happy in what
    I make, and what I do. You are just a negetive soul trying to get in the
    way if smone elses achievement mind your bi and find work to do. You should
    just shove it bc u are wasting your own time.?

  9. Andre Young says:

    Most people looking into internet marketing aren’t looking for free
    vacation packages they are looking to increase their income…If this is
    all you have on Xplocial vs the garbage commission plan with WUN then go
    take a nap. If you want to make REAL money, join Xplocial…?

  10. Jose Cedeno says:

    a wakeupnkw person what a coincidence?

  11. Stephon iceberg says:

    U right?

  12. Kc candy says:

    xplocial is the best. ?

  13. Christina Lovely says:

    Thanks because you just saved me??

  14. Dyscyple313 says:

    Where is the travel marketed as “free travel”? Don’t make up lies cause
    you’re busted! It’s a VOUCHER. Lol! Yet you disregarded the rest of the
    question. Don’t hate cause your job won’t let you travel when you want to.
    Maybe you should get with Xplocial fella. :-D?

  15. MLMRadioShow says:

    Who cares what company I am with not a single person has questioned my
    review of the product. Why because it is true. You promise free knowing
    it is not and you can’t dispute it because you know inside I am right.
    Xplocial is a scam and dishonest from the beginning.?

  16. thizzymarley808 says:

    nice one man… xplocial is a scam join wakeupnow LOL…… dont be

  17. Stephon iceberg says:

    Xplocial is not a scam it a real company?

  18. Rafael Cervantes says:

    thanks for comments see my other vids please subscribe

  19. jyuli6 says:

    It’s TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. NESquikdude says:

    is this a scam? I just found it on my dashboard and thought it was too good
    to be true

  21. jitzmaster says:

    your video blows

  22. Ryan Stromberg says:

    i have this on my dashboard, ive been trying to do it for almost 2 weeks
    every time i try it tells me it cant retrieve information from Xbox live.
    Microsoft is skeeting me hardcore!!

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